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Explore CBS Plumbing and Heating’s Products and Services in St. John’s

Replacements, Repairs and Installations of Various Plumbing and Heating Systems

We also specialize in:

  • Fire Hydrant repair

  • Water Treatment

  • Pipe Inspection (see below)

From new home plumbing to complete bathroom and kitchen renovations, at CBS Plumbing and Heating, we service, replace and install various types of:

  • Deep and shallow well repair

  • Water filtration systems (pumps, filters, hot water and boiler systems, etc.) 

  • sewage pump systems

  • Floor heating and radiant heating systems

  • Sewer backlogs

  • Broken drains

  • Submersible, jet and lift station pumps

  • Boosters

  • Custom showers


A One-Year Warranty on All Services and New Plumbing Installations

Proudly offering a one-year warranty on all services and all new plumbing installations, CBS Plumbing and Heating primarily uses quality products from the following manufacturers:

Pipe Inspections

We are now equipped to inspect, trace and locate 2"-8" piping. This equipment can inspect, locate and pinpoint any issues. HD video will be provided with the service. Contact us for an estimate.

pipe video inspections
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Modern updated bathroom
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